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Sandwicher Brand Relaunch: Put the Original Back in the Limelight.

With "FastGoodFood", Sandwicher set a gastronomic trend 15 years ago that numerous competitors have since jumped on. But the company has evolved: A comprehensive relaunch of the brand is to put "the original" back in the limelight in a new way.

Services provided

  • Corporate Design

  • Stationery Design

  • Brand Space

  • Packaging

  • Print

  • Microsoft Office Templates

  • Web Design


Home-made, organic, regional and above all fresh and delicious: Sandwicher spoils its guests with high-quality sandwiches, wraps, paninis, salads and soups, all prepared by hand and with great attention to detail. These are precisely the values reflected in the corporate design we developed, which we implemented in the branch interior, various communication media, and website. The new-look has not only been well received by existing customers but has also increasingly attracted new audiences.

Logo Branding on business cards and packaging

Our goal, to refresh our brand without losing our previous market competence and company philosophy, was solved excellently by Mascara. Committed, creative, result-oriented, Ms Müller analysed our existing appearance and worked out optimisation possibilities about products, packaging, branch equipment, customer approach and customer satisfaction. The first positive effects became noticeable after only a short time through interventions in the existing branch facilities. We recorded a very positive customer perception and significant increases in turnover.

Ludwik Kwapinski

Managing Director Sandwicher GmbH

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