MASCARA erstellt Content für Commerzbank Mitarbeiterschulung


Training & Onboarding for new roles and tasks

MASCARA supports Commerzbank in the in-house development and implementation of content and formats for training and onboarding measures with and for its employees for over 12 years. We have accompanied over 2,000 training measures for more than 25,000 employees: unique expertise!

Checklists, one-pagers, booklets, seminar folders, posters, templates, folders, displays, binders , playing cards, handouts, documentation, PowerPoint presentations, or compendia: MASCARA ensures that the materials and tools to be developed for training programs, onboarding, or training meet all requirements and work in every detail.


Our work for in-house training

From conception to implementation, MASCARA accompanies the experts' team to implement new internal training measures. Our role is to absorb knowledge and know-how and transform them into sustainable learning products to work more safely and productively. We tailor the scope and formats to those responsible' requirements and wishes. MASCARA designs and moderates the workshops to develop the training content and supervises the authors and speakers. We bring together the individual components of the qualification measure, structure, and design them to the desired format, which we produce and deliver for each training date.

Our work for project rollouts

MASCARA works closely with the project team to realise the necessary resources to prepare the affected employees and managers for change. We moderate workshops, document the result, and take over the specialist departments' coordination. Coordinating their output, bringing together and visualizing the interim results, staging the content, moderating decision-making processes and being a connecting element between all those involved: all these are the tasks and strengths of MASCARA. When all the building blocks come together, we take care of all materials' visual preparation and production.

Working with MASCARA was the right decision. With their help, we were able to implement the project quickly and professionally!

Daniel Schappner, Project manager Learning & Development 

Commerzbank AG

MASCARA is THE translator of complex issues into visually sophisticated designs and messages. The results are varied, for example in the form of qualification folders, websites or reference works.

Alexandra Feix, Head of Learning & Development

Commerzbank AG

When time is tight, and you have the feeling that you can no longer "bother" an agency with your problem - then MASCARA is the right address!

Bärbel Schwietzke-Klein, Project manager Learning & Development 

Commerzbank AG