Internes Marketing für Trainingsprogramm


The program for more sales success

At Commerzbank's Mittelstandsbank, a completely new training program for credit education and further training for corporate account managers was launched. Together with MASCARA, an internal mailing was designed that was aimed specifically at managers whose employees were considered for the training. The goal: to attract managers to the program so that the offer can be used intensively within their respective sphere of influence.

Digitale broschüre für interne Vermarktung

We have developed a digital catalog for the mailing , with an innovative layout and rich in illustrations. The interactive catalog presents the entire training offer intuitively and clearly. The managers were provided with good arguments for the subsequent employee interviews. The success was measured by the increasing number of participants.

Internes Marketing, interne Kommunikation für Nachwuchs

At the same time, the "Kreditpass Mittelstand" was developed especially for trainees in sales.

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