Neues Produkt erfolgreich einführen


Product launch: the first caravanning fun with flat rate

schaffer-mobil turned to us with its new business idea. The new service should offer long-term rentals for motorhomes. The idea was to rent instead of buy. MASCARA has made it possible to bring this idea and vision to reality.

We have created a landing page that presents the new offer simply and effectively. The structure, design, creation of the texts, and the landing page's programming: MASCARA realised everything.

Produkteinführung erfolgreich werben

We collected and evaluated information to create the content and later structure it compactly according to customer topics. Our goal: The website should gradually answer the most important questions of interested parties. 

Experience caravanning carefree now: According to this motto, the landing page explains which possibilities the new service from schaffer-mobil opens up for customers and makes it easy for interested parties to find the right solution. The visual language is direct and lively and turns the landing page into a brand experience.