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Neuer Online Auftritt

Bringing expertise to life on the Internet


A website that exudes quality and competence and inspires confidence among prospective customers: That was the aim of the new website of the management consultancy “Ihr Mehrwert” from Austria.


Ihr Mehrwert GmbH

  • Web Design

  • UX/UI Design

Online Präsenz optimieren

We started to rethink the entire structure. At a workshop, we recorded the team's wishes for "Ihr Mehrwert" and compared them to the expectations of the target group. Based on the results, we have revised the company's appearance and set up a new structure with appropriate navigation for the website.

Today, the website reflects the range of services and the competence of the company and answers the question why the company "Ihr Mehrwert" is the right expert for its customers.


Thanks, MASCARA! I am incredibly proud of the site. I can finally identify with it again.

Barbara Hackner

Managing Director, Ihr Mehrwert GmbH

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