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Leitbild für Neuausrichtung der Organisation

Successful realignment: How transformation can make a positive difference.

When repositioning a service department at the Mittelstandsbank, it was possible to activate all those involved and to leave the comfort zone together.


Commerzbank AG

  • Positioning

  • Change workshops

  • Mission statement

  • Key visuals

  • Naming

  • Change communication


In the first phase, MASCARA developed and moderated one  Multi-stage workshop for employees and department heads.


Based on research results and a structured self-reflection of the department, we have made a comprehensive inventory. The employees worked out differences between external and internal perception, addressed the needs of their target group and the role of their department and the individual functionaries. Using visualized role models, the team developed a new vision and a new mission statement for the department. And although the realignment required changes, efforts and new behaviors from most of the employees, the entire team supported the new orientation - also and precisely because it was developed by themselves. 


The second phase of the process was about bringing the shared vision to life and translating it into concrete changes.


In an agile process, smaller teams were commissioned to find specific solutions for individual objectives. The portfolio and processes were developed into a new service offering along a consumer journey. Clear roles, competencies and KPIs were defined. Finally, very specific tools, for example for proactively addressing executives, were developed and marketed.

Neuer Intranetauftritt

In the end, the team had reinvented itself: A visible signal was the new visual appearance of the department now renamed “MSB Learning & Development”, which was designed and implemented with MASCARA. And we were proud to have successfully accompanied this process with conceptual input, workshop designs, visualizations and communication materials.


“MASCARA always succeeds in convincing with innovative, creative representations. Always well thought out and systematically processed. A particular strength of MASCARA lies in extracting the “condensate” from difficult topics and converting it into sophisticated, well-thought-out designs. Mascara has established itself with us as a competent, binding and professional service provider, which we also use for time-critical tasks. ”

Alexandra Feix

Head of Learning & Development Commerzbank AG

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