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Build customer loyalty through premium content

To build their community and retain users, we should produce weekly content for a B2B app that makes it easier to share buyer-facing knowledge and marketing tips.


Consulting for lottery companies GmbH,

West German lottery
GmbH & Co. OHG

  • Content planning

  • Motion design

  • Print design

  • Content marketing


Custom-made content development

So far, we have planned, edited and produced over 100 different pieces of content, edited and produced. To make the knowledge transfer more attractive user-friendly content formats, such as video clips, animated such as video clips, animated learning videos, or infographics.

Each piece of content provides quick and concrete help on a topic that concerns lottery entrepreneurs. In this way, commercial knowledge and marketing tips are conveyed through attractive and user-friendly content formats in the BLU app.

Content-Erstellung für eine Mobile App
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